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Soldotna, AK's Experts In Clean Energy Solutions

Our people know solar and wind solutions
The team at Gary's Marine & Truck Electric & Battery has an impressive amount of expertise when it comes to the sales, installation and maintenance of a range of alternative energy solutions for powering your home, business or car. We'll help you find the right solutions for whatever you need. Come see us in Soldotna, AK today for the best in clean energy solutions!
Man working on a solar energy product in Soldotna, AK

Energy education

It goes without saying that our team here at Gary's Marine & Truck Electric & Battery has received extensive education in the field of solar and wind systems installation and service. If you have any questions about solar power for your home or business, wind power in general or solar electric power for your car, just ask! We want to see every home and business in the Soldotna area less reliant on fossil fuels.

Every area of the world could benefit from clean energy.  But in Alaska, families, and businesses have unique and specific needs that clean energy can solve.

Because homes and businesses are so spread out in the country's largest state, many people need to travel very far to work, spending lots of money on car gas.  And due to demand, powering Alaskan homes with electricity is extremely expensive.

Gary's Auto Electric aims to solve these problems with clean energy in AK.

Solving AK Electricity Problems

Many couples move to the beautiful Alaskan tundra after retirement.  However, they soon find that is extremely expensive to add electricity to their new homes.

Gary's Renewable Energy has a solution: solar power.  Solar power can actually save you money over time; it's powered by the sun, not a power plant, meaning it doesn't cost you much to maintain it.  Solar power also comes with many rebates and incentives and even increases your home's value.

Plus, solar energy is great for the environment.  Unlike other types of power, you won't need to use fossil fuels, which release pollutants and greenhouse gases.

The team at Gary's Renewable Energy is happy to install solar panels on your home.  We can also equip your home or business with wind power solutions. 

Energy experience

Our clean energy solutions installation and repair experts here in Soldotna have been on the cutting edge of solar panel technology and batteries for years. The combined experience of our team spans decades, so you'll be getting the very best when it comes to your solar systems.

Energized expertise

At Gary's Marine & Truck Electric & Battery, we're ready to show everyone in the Soldotna area how easy and affordable implementing clean energy solutions for your home or business really is. Our solar and wind service and repair experts are ready to help you get energized about your options! If you're ready to invest in clean energy in AK, call us today at (907) 262-3993.
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