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Clean energy is here

Clean energy is here, and it's more affordable to implement than ever!

If you're considering clean energy options, such as solar power, to provide your home or business with the power you need, then you need look no further than Gary's Marine & Truck Electric & Battery right here on the Kenai Peninsula.

We're dedicated to not only providing you with the cleanest wind and solar energy systems possible, but to providing you with the best customer service experience possible. Come see us in Soldotna, AK today and learn how easy and affordable it is to make the switch with wind turbines in Kenai, AK and surrounding areas!
One of our wind turbines in Kenai, AK

Energy alternatives

Gary's Marine & Truck Electric & Battery in Soldotna is well versed in a comprehensive range of clean energy systems, including wind turbines, solar electric cars and boats, environmentally-friendly Western plows and solar panels. Sun power panels can be installed quickly on your home or business, with minimum disruption. Wind turbines can be serviced once or maintained on a rolling basis. Get in touch and let us show you how converting some or all of your power reliance to wind or solar energy systems is a great way to start investing in the future.

Affordable investment

As technology continues to develop, costs begin to come down. That's true of every industry. And we're excited to be able to provide affordable wind and solar energy systems to the Soldotna community. It's never been more affordable, or more attractive to consider adding the freedom of solar power to your life. And when you choose to implement a clean energy solution for your home or business, you're helping more than just your hip pocket - you're making an investment in the future of the planet. 

Where we come in

So you've decided to take the plunge for cleaner energy! Whether you have questions about various electric car models, aren't quite sure whether your roof can accommodate solar panels or you're eager to establish a wind farm, the knowledgeable team here at Gary's Marine & Truck Electric & Battery can guide you toward the most effective, cost-beneficial options.
For more information, or a free assessment, please contact our team in Soldotna.
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