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Providing Solar Electric Systems Soldotna, AK Can Rely On

Creating a better tomorrow today
When it comes to the sales, installation and servicing of solar panels systems in the Soldotna, AK area, Gary's Marine & Truck Electric & Battery is the team to count on. We're known as the experts in using the sun as a source of power. From electric cars to home and office construction to western plows, we offer sustainable electricity alternatives to the greater Soldotna area, and we take our good reputation seriously.
A solar electric system captures sunlight using solar cells made from a semi conductor material. The captured sunlight increases the energy of the electrons in the semi conductor material, which are then released by way of the photoelectric effect to produce electricity. If you're interested in an environmentally friendly method of producing power, call us about our solar electric systems today!

Clean energy for everyone

Renewable energy is the future. And the future is here! At Gary's Marine & Truck Electric & Battery in Soldotna, we're constantly striving to provide our customers with the very best in solar system installation, as well as solar electric service and repair. Come by our Soldotna headquarters, and we'll be happy to show you the benefits of converting part or all of your power needs to solar. You might not realize just how much you can offset your energy bills, and how quickly a system can pay for itself.

Industrial solar systems

At Gary's Marine & Truck Electric & Battery, we've developed solar panel and solar electric systems for many of Soldotna's larger industrial facilities. In addition, we also keep those facilities running at peak performance with our solar service and repair plans. As energy prices rise, even the largest facilities are turning to solar power for clean, efficient and renewable energy. Find out why by calling us in Soldotna today!
Example of solar panels in Soldotna, AK
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